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Acoustifence® was originally developed by the Acoustiblok corporation for offshore oil rig noise isolation, the Acoustifence has had proven success in many demanding applications. World Fence News defines Acoustifence as a "new defense against outdoor noise pollution". Commonly used in industrial usage, highways, construction sites, mass transit rail lines and even dog kennels, it is now available for residential use. It is a simple and economical first step in noise reduction which can truly make an improvement in your life and increase your privacy.

Usage of Acoustic Curtains

  • Offices
  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Auditorium etc

The Acoustifence is a unique 1/8th inch, 6' x 30' (3mm x 1.83m x 9.14m) heavy mineral filled, barium free visco elastic acoustical material. Longer lengths are available. It is made in the U. S. A. (from all USA materials) and, unlike fences or shrubs, this material does extraordinarily well in not only blocking direct sound, but a unique characteristic that sets it far apart from other sound barriers when dealing with very low frequencies, i.e. railroad/truck road noise and AC/heatpumps.


UV Tolerant


Vermin proof

100% recyclable

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