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Sound Proof Doors & Windows

Sound Proof Doors & Windows

Solace “D” Acoustic Doors & Windows

Due to growing industrialisation and changing in our life style has given the birth to the environmental pollution like water, air etc and Noise pollution is one of them. The pollution affects our everyday life deeply, which could be the region for lots of Health & mental problems. Although our Indian government is also putting their best efforts to control this serious issue to keep them in within the tolerance limit to maintain the balance in human life and nature for healthy and happy environment. 

Why we need Acoustical Doors

People are no longer will to tolerate noise and loss of privacy. The Environment Protection Agency now enforces noise ordinance and public is using these laws. The Noise is now the number one litigation issue brought to court by owners of multi-family units / Multi story Apartment.  Large settlement is common places and liability often extended to the developers and contractors years after sailing the project. A survey by JD Powers and Associates found that the number one complaint in hotels was not service, food or cleanliness but the noise from adjoining rooms, chillers and pumping.

Sound Proof Doors & Windows


NEWPL is the only industry in India manufacturers the wooden doors and window with American technology and using the world’s best Acoustic material from Acoustiblok Inc. Tampa, Florida USA. The doors and windows are very sleek in size and it looks like normal wooden doors, but their excellent sound abundant capability makes them different from normal doors and windows. The thickness of Acoustic material is just 3mm or 6mm and its carry amazing sound deadening capacity which is almost equal to 12” thick concrete wall. This has good heat tolerance capacity. Free from rusting and fungal effect with unlimited shelf life under normal circumstances.

It does hardly add any thickness to door and windows. You can do any kind of paint and polish to match with your interior look. These doors are manufacturer with high quality treated wood to avoid any kind of insect problem.

The thickness of doors and windows is from 40mm to 100mm depending upon noise stopping requirement by the customer with 25 to 60 dD sound insertion loss. Lamination and wood carving facility is also available on doors and windows as per customer requirement on extra cost.  

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