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Sound Barriers/Mass Loaded Vinyl

Sound Barriers/Mass Loaded Vinyl

Noise pollution affects everyday life in our homes, schools, and work places by interfering with speech, sleep, and concentration. Over a period of years noise can induce hearing loss. Noise is also a major cause of annoyance. Road traffic noise is by far the leading irritant.

Traffic noise barriers have proved to be the method of choice throughout the world.

Mass Loaded Vinyl is the most efficient and cost effective solution for controlling transmitted sound in commercial, institutional, and residential and Building Construction.UL Classified for application in all wall and floor/ ceiling construction assures compliance with life safety and building code requirements. MLV sound barrier material cut easily with a box knife and no special tools and skill is required to install.


The Reinforced MLV is a unique 3mm thick heavy mineral filled, barium free visco elastic acoustical material. Longer lengths are available. It is made in the imported material. Unlike fences or shrubs, this material does extraordinarily well in not only blocking direct sound, but a unique characteristic that sets it far apart from other sound barriers when dealing With very low frequencies, i.e. rail track, Metro Rail, truck road noise, AHU and AC/ heat pumps etc.

Other features of Acoustifence:

  • UV Tolerant
  • Paintable (acrylic latex vinyl based)
  • Easy to install or remove from existing fence
  • Impervious to water
  • Totally non-mold (rated 10 of 10)
  • Made from over 90% recycled or organic material, 100% recyclable
  • Vermin proof, Easily washed
  • STC 28 independent lab certified
  • NRC = 0.78


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